Little Crowned Apparel & Footwear is a premier online Children’s boutique based in the Boston area. As a mother who struggled to find exceptional clothing for my daughter that were to my liking and of styles I preferred and enjoyed, I wanted to share my discoveries of great children’s clothing with other mothers who might be having the same experience.

Little Crowned Apparel and Footwear was inspired by the desire to bring forth sophisticated and stylish European designs to the world of children. Our collection is unique, luxurious, and well-designed. Every item is made with superior materials, and the finest elements; and in a wide range of colors and styles.

We stand by our products and take pride in delivering the most exquisite and elegant items in our curated collection for children with style. Our collection of items are what stylish, fashion forward mothers are buying for their children.

At Little Crowned Apparel & Footwear you will find the latest trends bursting with colors and comfort, as well as classic styles that your children will enjoy wearing.